Why choose us

Extremely high standard of customer satisfaction

Luxury Metal Decor

We manufacture products in metal of the highest quality, we apply very sophisticated techniques in patinas and hammering.

Custom Design

Our Passion is the creation of personalized pieces that express art. We have created unique pieces for sophisticated tastes.

Factory Direct Prices

We work at Tlapujahua Michoacán, with highly qualified labor, fusing artisanal techniques with industrialized processes.

Hi Quality Control

We have Flexible Effective Responses With Hi Quality Control, thanks to our high standards in manufacturing processes.





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Elevate Your Kitchen

first gallery

Mérida Yucatán, come to the Italiano Geniale collection

We have chosen this beautiful place for its tropical climate and the sublime integration of cultures such as European, American and Mayan.


Sales representatives


+52 (56) 4835 3392


Attention: 24/7 Emails:


Visit our Showroom where we put our uniquely made handmade pieces within reach of sight and touch, located in the heart of the city of Mérida Yucatán Mexico.

how we works

We can create Any Idea with Meticulous Care

What defines us and stands out from others is our ability to create and precisely adapt the idea that the client needs to develop, in really short times. 

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